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Matthew's Theses

M Stephens. Bayesian Methods for Mixtures of Normal Distributions. DPhil thesis - University of Oxford.

M Stephens. The Results of Gregor Mendel - An analysis and comparison with the results of other researchers. Dip Stat thesis - University of Cambridge.

Student Theses

A Fu. Models and Inference of Transmission of DNA Methylation Patterns in Mammalian Somatic Cells. PhD thesis - University of Washington, 2008.

G Hellenthal. Exploring Rates and Patterns of Variability in Gene Conversion and Crossover in the Human Genome. PhD thesis - University of Washington, 2006.

Q Li. Statistical Methods for Peptide and Protein Identification using Mass Spectrometry. PhD thesis - University of Washington, 2008.

D Petkova. Inferring Effective Migration from Geographically Indexed Genetic Data. PhD thesis - University of Chicago, 2013.

P Scheet. A Flexible and Computationally Tractable Model for Patterns of Population Genetic Variation. PhD thesis - University of Washington, 2006.

S Urbut. Flexible statistical methods for jointly modeling effects. PhD thesis - University of Chicago, 2017.

Z Xing. Poisson Multiscale Methods for High-throughput Sequencing Data. PhD thesis - University of Chicago, 2016.

K Xu. EbayesThresh with Heterogeneous Variance. Masters thesis - University of Chicago, 2017.

W Wang. Applications of adaptive shrinkage in multiple statistical problems. PhD thesis - University of Chicago, 2017.

X Wen. Bayesian Analysis of Genetic Association Data, Accounting for Heterogeneity. PhD thesis - University of Chicago, 2011.

X Zhu. A Bayesian large-scale multiple regression model for genome-wide association summary statistics. PhD thesis - University of Chicago, 2017.

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