Stephens Lab Overview

My lab works on a wide variety of problems at the interface of Statistics and Genetics. We often tackle problems where novel statistical methods are required, or can learn something new compared with existing approaches. Thus, much of our research involves developing new statistical methodology, many of which have a non-trivial computational component. People in my lab tend to come from a quantitative background (e.g., Math, Statistics, Computer Science), with varying levels of formal or informal Biology training.

My lab is located in the department of Human Genetics, in recently-renovated computational space shared with the labs of John Novembre and Xin He. Our groups interact with one another continuously, with students and postdocs from different groups sharing offices. We think this is a great place to come and do research, and are very proud of what we have going on. If you think you might be interested in joining us, send me an email to enquire about opportunities.

Research Projects

Statistical analysis of genetic association studies

RNA-seq and gene expression analysis

Population structure and conservation genetics

Models for population genetic variation

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