Supplementary Data

M J Barber, L M Mangravite, C L Hyde, D I Chasman, J D Smith, C A McCarty, X Li, R A Wilke, M J Rieder, P T Williams, P M Ridker, A Chatterjee, J I Rotter, D A Nickerson, M Stephens, R M Krauss. Genome-wide association of lipid-lowering response to statins in combined study populations PLoS ONE, 2010

This page provides access to five supplementary files for the above paper. There is a supplementary file available for download for each of the four analyzed phenotypes (HDLC, LDLC, Total Cholesterol and Triglyceride). Each phenotype specific file is a tar ball of 22 chromosome specific gzipped results files. Each of the chromosome specific files has the results for every SNP tested on that chromosome. Overall chromosomes, there were approximately 2.5 Million SNPs tested. Each tar ball will untar the gzipped chromosome specific files into a subdirectory, where the subdirectory has the same name as the prefix of the downloaded tar file. Finally, there is a README.txt that explains what information is contained in every tab-delimited column as well as explaining the column naming notation (the same column protocol is used for every results file).

1. Results.HDLC.tar
2. Results.LDLC.tar
3. Results.TC.tar (Total Cholesterol)
4. Results.Tg.tar (Triglyceride)
5. README.txt

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